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Why would you choose illustration over a photo?

In many cases, illustrations work better than photos because it is possible to declutter the image and keep the focus on exactly the things we want to show. Also in the design process, it is possible to use fewer colours, which allows you to save on the costs of printing. 

If you would like me to draw for you, please fill in the contact form below. After the first contact, we’ll talk about what kind of illustration you need, and the deadline for the final product.  If I get enough information I’ll make a price quotation and a planning that will suit the needs of your project.

How much does an illustration cost?

No illustration is the same. It is therefore hard to give a general price. Prices of my illustrations range from 10 € to 300 €, depending on their complexity, style and the licencing conditions (do you get the material rights and you can resell it on or do those stay with me and I can sell the same artwork to more customers). It is always helpful if you indicate your budget and we can discuss what I can do for you. 

Work method

When you decide to cooperate with me, we will agree on a timeline and meet in person or over Skype to discuss the details. I can send drafts in various stages of the drawing process so that we can see if the work is developing in the direction you expect. 


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