Portfolio of nature illustrations

Vector drawing of a Eurasian polecat.

Paul Veenvliet

For as long as I remember, I am passionate about nature. Through my illustrations, I like to share this passion. I also like to contribute to the conservation of nature, by explaining what goes on in the world around us …  

Vector illustration of a Brimstone butterfly, Gonepteryx rhamni on winter heath, Erica carnea

Recent drawing projects

SubjectDrawing of Homerus butterfly
Made for:Supporting a butterfly conservation project
Client:IABES, International Association of Butterfly Exhibitors and Suppliers
When?July 2022
Subject:Brown bear biology
Made for:Presentation about bear-watching
Client:Tourist Information Centre in Lož (SLO)
When?July 2022
SubjectBirding in Slovenia
Made for:Online presentation
Client:Asian Bird Fair
When?June 2022
Subject: 7 tree species
Made for:Educational exhibition
Client:Museum of Lake Cerknica
When?April 2022
Subject: 250 + drawings of marine fish
Made for:Fieldguide to the fishes of the Dutch coastal waters
Client:Foundation RAVON & KNNV uitgeverij
Subject: 500+ drawings of garden plants
Made for:Book about garden plants
Client:Tuincentrum Soontiëns
Subject: Dutch meadow birds and mammals
Made for:Impact assessment reports
Subject: European wall lizard
Made for:Cover of a monography
Client:Laurenti Verlag

My animal and plant illustrations

On this website, you find a selection of my artwork, divided over birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish, mammals, plants, butterflies, and “ecological concepts”. When you click on any of the buttons below, a gallery with drawings opens, with descriptions and examples of how they are used in books, educational exhibits, and other publications.

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